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Physio or Doctor – who should I see first?

Q: “In the event of a sports injury, should I see a doctor or a physio first?” A: Sports trauma can encompass a wide spectrum of injuries. In cases where a head injury, dislocation or

Hamstring Flexibility

Q: “I have always suffered from tight hamstrings and groin and I cannot seem to make any difference to my flexibility no matter how much I stretch. Can I do anything about this?” A: Research

What is spinal manipulation?

A: Joint manipulation (usually of the spine) is a frequently used manual technique which immediately improves joint mobility and reduces pain. Commonly this technique is also referred to as an ‘adjustment’ although physiotherapist and medical

Training on Vibration Platform

Q: “What is a vibration platform and how is it used?” A: As the name suggests, a vibration platform is an apparatus used in physical training and rehabilitation which features a rapidly oscillating platform on

Core Strengthening

Q: “I have been performing sit-ups for a considerable time and I haven’t notices any difference in my waist measurement and I still complain of back soreness. Is there a better way of getting results?”