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Spinal manipulation

Spinal manipulation

As part of a consultation, our therapists may use joint mobilisation or spinal manipulation.

Joint Mobilisation

Mobilisation of a joint describes the application of pressure to one or both parts of a moveable joint to improve available range (reduce stiffness) or decrease pain by progressively moving available range further past the onset of pain.

When performed in a controlled manner, joint mobilisation is a highly effective, safe and non-invasive way of regaining normal, pain free function.

Spinal Manipulation

spinal manipulation

Joint manipulation (usually of the spine) is a frequently used manual technique which immediately improves joint mobility and reduces pain. Commonly this technique is also referred to as an ‘adjustment’ although physiotherapist and medical practitioners refer to the technique as a joint “manipulation’’.




When performed by experienced Practitioners, manipulation can provide immediate reduction of symptoms and return full pain free range. It is often used in conjunction with other treatment modalities to help alleviate muscle spasm or localised inflammation.


Yes, when performed by an accredited and experienced therapist. Manipulation should never be performed by inexperienced or novice therapists. It is not safe or appropriate for use in patients who have osteoporosis, osteopaenia, significant disc prolapses, nerve root compression, malignancies, fractures or bony cysts. As with all medical and allied health practices, selection of the appropriate technique for the appropriate patient will result in an optimal outcome. Our therapists are highly experienced in the safe administration where appropriate following a full explanation of the technique, and its benefits after receiving consent from our patients.