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Sports Physio

Physiotherapy offers effective, rapid and safe solutions for the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of spinal pain, sports injuries and pain of musculoskeletal origin such as osteoarthritic joint pain, muscle strain, ligament sprain and tendonitis.


Traction - spinal decompression

Exercise Science

Liv Active Studio offers both supervised and home based exercise programs


We partner with Form Osteopathy and Movement Matters Osteopathy

Sports Physio + Exercise Science + Osteopathy + Pilates
Centre of Allied Health

Gold Coast, Australia

MOVE WELL using effective, safe and rapid solutions to treat your pain and ensure you reach and maintain peak performance.

Spine + Body brings together the best of all the Allied Health disciplines offering world leading, evidence based “hands-on” and exercise driven solutions.

Whether your problem is managed by our senior sports physiotherapist or one of our Allied Health partners, you can expect rapid results even for the most complicated or chronic problem.

Our unique, research proven approach for achieving flexibility, out performs traditional stretching for even the most inflexible patient, irrespective of age.

Experience matters

34 years Sports Physio experience treating elite athletes all around the world puts you in expert hands

We are unique

Our collaborative team of varied Allied Health professionals offers a vast range of skills and experience to help you achieve rapid results.

We ask “why?”

We get to the root cause of your problem rather than simply treating symptoms.

Happy clients

86% of our valued clients have been referred through word of mouth.

Help when you need it

Our commitment to your care goes outside our business hours. Our clients have access to our Sports Physio if they need urgent advice.

Innovation and research

Our elite sports experience and published research makes us leaders in flexibility and injury prevention.

“We seek to achieve outstanding outcomes in the most rapid, safe and cost effective manner so that our clients can move well and perform at peak condition.”


Meet our Allied Health Professionals

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