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Shin Splints – Modern Athlete and Coach

Shin soreness is undoubtedly one of the most commonly encountered problems in athletes in whom repetitive impact loading forces constitute a significant part of their sport or training. Within the athletic community the term “shin

Low Back Pain – Modern Athlete and Coach

Throughout our lives, 85% of us will experience one significant episode of low back pain, whilst statistically 90% of these cases will recover within a three month period. At least 50% of these initial cases

Impact Injuries – Modern Athlete and Coach

The scourge of most athletes is undoubtedly recurrent injury, joint and muscle soreness and impaired performance as a result of insufficient recovery from impact loading on joints and muscles. (click on the link below to

A guide to foam rolling

A guide to using a foam roller.  The following foam roller exercises will help to limit soreness and tightness by increasing blood flow and flexibility. A printable exercise and information sheet to take with you

Ankle strapping

A complete picture guide on how to do an ankle strapping, including recommended products and video link.