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Many of us are familiar with the devastating effects of Osteoporosis and the lesser form of bone demineralisation known as Osteopaenia but recent studies currently underway offer new solutions to this age-old problem  …..  

A Better Life Through Better Balance – Complete Health

  Poor balance is without doubt one of the highest risk factors influencing mortality and morbidity in the senior population. Falls are the largest contributor to hip and pelvic fractures as well as fractures of…

Low Back Injuries – Modern Athlete and Coach

Low back pain is unquestionably the most prevalent musculoskeletal complaint, occurring in approximately 80 % of the general population. In athletic populations, statistical comparisons of the prevalence of low back pain against other musculoskeletal injuries

Importance of Screening – Modern Athlete and Coach

Screening is often considered for the exclusive domain of Physiotherapists and Sports Physicians. The detailed information obtained by trained medical professionals is often fundamental in establishing appropriate intervention responses to ultimately improve an athlete’s performance

The Young Athlete – Modern Athlete and Coach

The increasing trend towards childhood obesity linked to poor nutrition and inactivity is well documented and is regrettably, a rapidly escalating statistic in Australia What is generally overlooked however, is the widening chasm between the