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Physio or Doctor – who should I see first?

Physio or Doctor – who should I see first?

Q: “In the event of a sports injury, should I see a doctor or a physio first?”

A: Sports trauma can encompass a wide spectrum of injuries. In cases where a head injury, dislocation or fracture is suspected, medical care should be sought immediately. The majority of sporting injuries fall within a range of strains, sprains and contusions. These cases are best dealt with by an experienced Physiotherapist.

We have highly experienced APA Sports Physiotherapists on staff as well as Physiotherapists who are elite athletes in a range of sporting disciplines. Most importantly, our Practice is open 6 days a week so that we can immediately attend to your injury and assist you in returning to full function in the quickest possible time.

Q: “Are weekend fees higher than normal?”

A: No. Our fees are the same throughout the week and you can access HICAPS rebates immediately

Q: “What if I need an x-ray , MRI or ultrasound scan?”

A: Physiotherapists have referral rights for full body MRI’s and x-rays of the spine, hips and pelvis. Where other investigation might be required, we will have you local doctor (or emergency department) to access the appropriate investigation as soon as possible.

Q:“Should I apply heat or ice?”

A: Never apply heat to a recent injury as this will undoubtedly worsen the extent of bleeding and swelling.

Apply the R.I.C.E principles of:
1. Rest from further injury.
2. Ice for no more than 10 mins (always apply a moist towel between the ice pack and affected limb.
3. Compression – a compression bandage applied from below the injury to above the site.
4. Elevation: maintain the limb above horizontal where possible to facilitate drainage.