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Core Strengthening

Q: “I have been performing sit-ups for a considerable time and I haven’t notices any difference in my waist measurement and I still complain of back soreness. Is there a better way of getting results?”

A: Everyone needs core stability. Whether your goal is to support and unload a painful spine or to rain in many years of neglect enabling you to look and feel better, there are many highly effective methods of achieving a firm midsection and “sit-ups’’ or ‘’crunches’’ are not on the list.

The problem with sit-ups and crunches is that by curling the spine forward whilst increasing extra abdominal pressure, the discs in the lumbar spine are subjected to severe distortion increasing the likelihood of incurring a prolapsed or ‘’slipped’’ disc. Those with pre-existing disc pathology are potentially likely to aggravate their previous symptoms which are entirely the opposite of the desired effect.

Q: “Is there a preferable way of achieving core strength?”

A: We have declared Physio Wellness Fitness a ‘’no crunch zone”. We prefer to activate core muscles using numerous systems and processes including TRX, Flowin, Oov and Cybex. Ask our professional staff to demonstrate some of our numerous variations on core strength and allow us to work out a suitable and effective programme for you.