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Flexibility 4 Life

With Peter Georgilopoulos – Sports physio

Skeletal ageing is commonly characterised by progressive spinal stiffness and reduced range of movement predominately in the weight bearing joints such as the hips and knees.

A loss of shoulder range is also often the result of a gradual “hunching” of the spine leading to pain when elevating the arms above the head.


Maintaining joint and muscle flexibility is integral to preserving an upright posture which is not only aesthetically desirable but also a basic requirement to minimising the risk of early degenerative disease of the spine.

The [flexibility 4 life] programme is a unique research based approach which has repeatedly demonstrated immediate and highly significant gains in muscle range and joint flexibility. This process has been created and successfully used by Peter Georgilopoulos over the last thirty years to prevent muscle strains in elite athletes and to restore flexibility and reduce joint pain for the non-athletic population.

The process incorporates two stages:

(1) An initial consultation in which specific techniques are used to immediately restore flexibility.

(2) The introduction of a specific self monitoring and management system which will enable flexibility targets to be maintained.

 Pre-mobilisation                                                                                         Post-mobilisation

photo 1

flexibility 4 life post mobilisation